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What are the different types of Electricians?

There are many different types of electrician specialists. The type you hire depends on what type of electrical work you need in your home or office building. Denver electrician specialists can work on anything from electrical repairs and installation to certified maintenance. Discover more about the different types of electricians so you can find the best specialists for your residential or commercial projects. 

Electrician Specialists

A general electrician can assist with most household projects. This includes regular maintenance and repairs, as well as general electrical concerns. However, your project may require specific needs that only an electrical specialist can supply. The following are the most common types of electrical specialists that can assist with a specific project for a home or commercial project. 

Residential: These specialists are most commonly found working on residential-type projects for homeowners or renters. They can help upgrade home electrical systems, install new interior or exterior systems, and help make repairs when needed. 

Installation: These types of specialists most commonly help install electrical systems for new residential or commercial builds. They help connect and install wiring for lighting, cooling and heating systems, and security.

Maintenance: Electrical maintenance specialists are most commonly found working on rental units or apartments. They perform the necessary maintenance to keep these systems working properly in as timely a manner as possible. They also help inspect and monitor electrical equipment for all types of settings, including industrial and commercial projects.

Commercial: These specialists are most commonly found working on commercial-type projects for businesses. They can help improve security systems, perform large-scale electrical repairs, and install electric systems for new buildings.

Industrial: These electrical specialists are most commonly found working at industrial sites like factories, mines, or power plants. They use their in-depth knowledge to help improve the function of machinery, manufacturing systems, and industry-specific work.

Licensed Electricians

Regardless of what type of electrician specialist you need, make sure they have the correct licensure to get the job done safely. There are three types of certification levels that vary in complexity.

Apprentice electricians are in the first tier of certifications. They are often required to be supervised on the job since they are completing their training. Each apprentice is required to complete on-the-job and in-class instruction. Apprentice hours are similar to that of a higher education degree and take just as long to complete. 

Journeyman electricians have completed their apprenticeship hours and are now considered licensed electricians. They are able to work unsupervised and can complete most residential projects. A licensed Denver electrician can help you with your home renovations or electrical repair and maintenance. 

Master electricians have completed the highest level of electric certifications. They can work on more complex projects in all specialized fields, including more large-scale residential projects. Many master electricians operate their own contracting business or lead less experienced electricians on the job. 

Not every Denver electrician is right for the job. It’s essential to work with experienced, licensed electricians that can assist with any type of residential projects. Contact ARK Electric for more information on how our skilled electrical technicians can help support your home electrical needs. 

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