What does a service electrician do?

Electricians are important personnel who work on a range of projects. From commercial to residential needs, a skilled electrician can help with maintenance projects, home redesign, and new home builds.

The impact of these skilled workers is ever growing – with a projected industry growth increase of 10 percent in the next five years. Learn more about the skills and knowledge that service electricians provide and how Denver electrical services can help you.

Electrician Overview

Service electricians go through a range of training, including both practical, on-the-job experience and in-classroom work. Many have a background in electrical engineering and are well-versed on electrical terminology. This makes them the go-to professionals for in-depth projects around your home. Beginner electrician contractors can choose to learn via apprenticeship, as well. This allows them to learn the many skills of the trade alongside a Master Electrician. To become a fully-fledged service electrician, state exams and licensure are also required.

Skills and knowledge aren’t the only thing that makes a great service electrician. Communication, interpersonal skills, and customer service are all imperative to successful client interactions.

Common Services Offered

When you need a pro on a residential or commercial project, a service electrician should be the first person you call. These technicians are highly skilled and have expertise in many areas of knowledge. From handling simple repairs to navigating more technical issues, service electricians offer many different types of services.

Some of the most common specializations of service electricians are:

●     Installing new lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, house fans, light switches, attic fans, under-cabinet lighting, and more

●     Repairing faulty wiring

●     Hooking up outdoor lighting, water features, hot tubs, and spas

●     Pigtailing electrical wiring

●     Assisting with kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances

●     Installing more efficient HVAC systems

●     Assisting with electrical service changes

●     Wiring for new builds, remodels, or finishing basements and attics

In Case of Electrical Emergencies

Local service electricians can also help in the case of a Denver electrical services emergency. Contracted electricians provide reliable, fast attention to failed electrical systems or serious electrical issues. This is not always the case for larger-scale, industrial electricians because of the nature of their work. However, contacting a local service electrician ensures that any electrical problems will be handled with care during same-day service.

There are many other benefits to working with Denver electrical services. These local, certified professionals are knowledgeable about the area and can easily provide same-day assistance. Working with a reliable service electrician is essential in emergencies, but it’s also comforting to work with a person you trust for smaller projects, too.

Whether you’re doing a full home remodel, installing a new light fixture, or are experiencing total electrical failure, a service electrician can help. Contact Denver electrical services to learn more.

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