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What Are Different Types of Electrician Jobs?

You probably already know the basics of an electrician’s job description. Electricians are tradesmen who are trained to handle electrical components during residential and commercial projects. This might involve installing new components or inspecting, maintaining, and repairing systems that are already in place.

What you might not know is that electrician jobs can be further broken down into more specific fields. Let’s explore a few examples.

Outside Lineman

Outside linemen are electricians who manage electrical power lines. As the title implies, they tend to work outdoors. These workers undergo plenty of safety training, as their tasks often involve working in high places where voltage lines are installed. They may even need to work in adverse conditions, since severe weather is a common cause of power outages. Ultimately, their job is to ensure electricity is properly sent from power plants to consumers in commercial and residential locations. 

Inside Wireman

Inside wiremen are needed to inspect and maintain electrical equipment in a client’s facility. This might involve the following on-site duties:

  • Managing HVAC equipment and similar systems

  • Repairing old wiring

  • Installing alarm systems

  • Installing light fixtures

  • Troubleshooting electrical systems

  • Installing conduit systems 

  • Working with power generation equipment

People who work as inside wiremen tend to perform their duties in a commercial or industrial setting.

Residential Wireman

Residential wiremen have similar duties as inside wiremen. They might be called on to perform tasks ranging from installing computer networks and HVAC systems to repairing existing equipment. Some are even put in charge of initiating and planning large projects. The major different between this job and the position of inside wireman is that residential wiremen work in a client’s home, rather than a commercial setting.  

Installation Technician

Installation technicians are experts at installing and setting up systems in new buildings. They may work in either residential or commercial settings. These technicians have specialized knowledge of the equipment being installed. For example, they may work directly for a satellite or cable company. During large-scale projects, wiremen may work alongside installation technicians to complete a task. 

Experience Levels 

As is the case in most fields, electricians may earn different titles as they gain experience. 

  • Apprentice electricians are fairly new to the job and perform work while supervised by a more experienced electrician. 

  • A journeyman electrician is a step up in experience. They can perform their duties without the supervision and may take on more complex jobs. 

  • Master electricians have put in the time and effort to earn the highest certification in the field. Unlike journeyman electricians, they may complete some of the most high-level tasks, such as creating blueprints and training new electricians.

Finding Professional Electricians for Any Job 

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