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What types of Services do Electricians Do?

Both residential and commercial properties require the expertise of an electrician at one point or another. After all, these locations wouldn’t have working power if they weren’t expertly wired by an electrician. Electricians don’t just install wiring, however. They can also help fix equipment and machines, install lighting, and direct power to control systems. 

Learn more about the essential work that Denver electrical services provides and how they can assist your home or workplace.

About Electricians

The term “electrician” is actually very broad, as there are many different types and categories of electricians. The two main concentrations are ‘inside wiremen’ or ‘outside linemen’. Duties differ for both, but each requires specialized training.

Most likely, your local licensed contractor falls under the ‘inside wiremen’ category. These electricians are trained in inside work – wiring buildings, fixing electrical issues, and replacing older systems. An inside wireman electrician can also work on several different types of projects, providing help to both commercial and residential projects. Some can even specialize in project-specific duties for hospitals and government jobs.

Residential Services

A licensed electrician can assist with many electrical issues at residential properties. Contracted electricians commonly work with the homeowner to discover the underlying issue for electrical outages, flickering lights, circuit breaker issues, and more. If you’re looking to make some home decor upgrades, a skilled electrician can also help you choose the right lighting fixtures. Whatever your needs, be sure to contact a licensed professional who is properly insured. 

The most common Denver electrical services for your home include:

  • Installing new lighting fixtures

  • Installing or repairing ceiling fans

  • Hooking up spa and hot tub equipment

  • Wiring and installing under-cabinet kitchen or bathroom lighting

  • Basement and Addition wiring and finishing

  • Remodeling electrical in the whole house or specific rooms

  • Assisting in changing electrical services

  • Installing Denver QuietCool fans

Commercial Services

Licensed electricians also provide services for commercial properties and construction sites. These include new shopping malls, corporate workplaces, banks, and more. Typically, a team is employed for larger commercial and industrial projects – simply because of the amount of work that needs performed. However, a local contractor could also provide their own team to perform these services. 

The most common electrical services for commercial projects are:

  • Installing wiring for the whole building or re-wiring if needed

  • Repairing outdated electrical systems

  • Locating electrical faults and replacing with new parts

  • Performing an energy survey for the property

  • Installing security cameras and devices

More About Denver Electrical Services

Electrical projects require attention to detail and a professional eye, so hiring the right electrician is essential. Residential, commercial, and industrial projects can benefit highly from the expertise of a trained and licensed contractor. 

To get the most out of electrical services, you’ll need to work with a licensed professional with experience working on a myriad of projects. ARK Electric is a long-standing electrical company providing electrical services to the Denver area. Our team has the background and resources needed to complete various residential and commercial projects. From whole building wiring to simple repairs, work with electricians you can trust.

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