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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrical Company

A Denver electric company can do more than replace a flickering lightbulb. These licensed professionals easily perform full electrical wiring and remodeling on both commercial and residential projects. Plus, their expertise gives them an edge in the field and ensures that you save time and money.

There are a few things to ask an electrical company before hiring one, however. Asking the right questions helps you make an informed decision so that you choose the right electrician for the job. Learn more about the essential duties of an electrician and what questions to ask before you hire.

Why You Should Hire an Electrician

Fixing an electrical issue isn’t something that everyone can DIY. In fact, “fixing” the problem yourself could cause even greater issues later. According to one NFPA report, the second leading cause of home fires are from electrical malfunction. That’s why it’s essential to hire a professional Denver electrical company for any electric repairs, maintenance, or remodeling.

A trained electrician performs many duties for both commercial, industrial, and residential projects. For homeowners, an electric company can help you install or replace the following:

  • Outlets

  • Light fixtures

  • Chandeliers

  • Circuit breakers

  • Electrical panels

  • Lighting for outdoor spaces

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring

There are a few key questions to ask an electric company before hiring one. Consider the following five questions before you make a decision.

Do you have the proper licensing and insurance? This is an important one! It takes time and dedication to become a licensed electrician. General electricians need a minimum amount of eight thousand hours of training to acquire licensure. Holding a valid license ensures the work is done properly. And every contractor should have proper insurance to cover their and your assets, as well.

Does your company hold a business license? An electrician license is one thing. If you’re working with a Denver electric company, they also need a license to operate their business. You can check online databases to make sure the company holds a valid and current license.

Do you have your own team or use subcontractors? Some electric companies hire out subcontractors or apprentices to do the work. It’s important that everyone working on the project is properly covered under the company’s insurance. Make sure that the person sent out to perform the job is still knowledgeable and has the proper training.

What are your credentials? On-the-job experience is just as important as training. A skilled electrician should not only be trained, but have the success to back it up. Ask for references, awards, or any other proof of the company’s experience. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary repairs. 

Is the work performed protected under warranty? Some companies offer a warranty after the work is completed. This essentially outlines that the work performed is done correctly and no further issues will arise. If issues do occur within the warranty, the electrician will fix them with no cost to you.

Asking these questions before hiring a Denver electric company ensures that you’re making the right choice. Contact ARK Electric for more information on how we can help on your next home improvement project. 

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