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Ensure that your family stays warm this winter with a furnace you can rely on

Ensure that your family stays warm this winter with a furnace you can rely on

The weather is cooling down and homeowners are preparing for fun fall activities like Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall festivals, and more. However, one thing that you might have neglected in all this excitement is your HVAC system. When is the last time that you turned on your furnace to make sure that it’s working properly? Having a reliable way to stay warm at home will become especially important as the temperature start to drop. One way to gain this peace of mind is to ensure that your furnace is working properly. Read three ways that pre-season furnace maintenance will save you money and frustration in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas.

Increase Energy Efficiency and Lower Bills

To run efficiently, your furnace needs regular maintenance. A furnace that receives regular tune-ups will have improved energy efficiency, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. In addition, your heat accounts for 25% of your energy costs on average, so an efficient furnace can have a big impact on reducing your monthly bills.

When your furnace sits unused for some time, like during the summer, it collects contaminants such as dirt and dust that can curb its efficiency when you use it again. HVAC maintenance service right before the cold weather hits should keep your unit in prime condition, preventing problems that could make your system work harder, increase your monthly bills, or decrease the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Maintain Your Warranty

Did you know that most furnace warranties require regular maintenance? If you do not get your furnace inspected regularly, the manufacturer might not honor the warranty. Skip the frustration of calling in to fix a failing furnace only to learn that your warranty is void because you forgot to get annual maintenance. Gain peace of mind and avoid the extra costs of an out-of-warranty repair by getting maintenance yearly. Make sure to check your warranty to see what you must do to be covered for part repairs.

Prevent Costly Repairs and Improve Lifespan

Much like how a car that has had regular tune-ups will outperform one that hasn’t, a well-maintained furnace will last longer than one that has been neglected. Regular heating service and maintenance can allow you to avoid costly repairs. A thorough furnace inspection is a perfect chance to discover and fix any small problems before they grow into a major problem. Ignoring maintenance can also reduce the lifespan of your heating system, leading to an expensive and premature replacement that prevents you from getting your money’s worth.

Finally, regular maintenance can prevent emergency breakdowns that cost a fortune to fix. If you get an inspection before the cold weather hits, you shouldn’t have to worry about a furnace crisis later. Don’t put yourself in the situation of needing an emergency repair when it is cold outside, and you need heat. It’s uncomfortable for everyone in your family when the temperature is freezing in your home, and it could likely cost an emergency fee to repair.

While all the benefits we have listed are important, the most important thing is that your family stays safe and comfortable at home. Having a reliable furnace will keep your family warm and cozy during the winter months. Are you ready to get a furnace inspection that brings you peace of mind through the winter months? We are here to help you make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Click HERE today and schedule your HVAC safety check and fall tune up and we will send out one of our great guys heating cooling and electrical team to get you taken care of.

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