What are the different types of electricians?

Although there are some home projects you can do yourself, electrical work isn’t one of them. Electrical and wiring issues require a skilled hand and in-depth knowledge about these systems. This is why hiring Denver electrical services is essential when it comes to any type of electric work in your home.

Every electrician has varying levels of knowledge and expertise. There are also many different certifications that an electrician can specialize in. Find out more about the different types of electricians and which one you should hire.

Electrician certification levels

Electrical specialists can certify in different levels of training. These certifications require a variety of in-classroom and on-the-job learning.

The type of electrician you hire depends on the type of work you need completed. An Apprentice Electrician is going to have a completely different skill set than a fully-licensed Master Electrician. Review the different types of certification levels below to decide which electrician is right for your project.

Apprentice: An electrician in their beginning stages of learning. These types of electricians are completing on-the-job and in-class instruction to receive their licenses. Although Apprentice Electricians do not work without a supervisor, they are still able to perform many complicated household electrical fixes.

Journeyman: An electrician who has acquired their licenses by passing their apprenticeship exams and hours. Their certifications and experience allow them to work on any type of residential projects.

Master: An electrician who has completed the highest levels of learning and certifications. Master Electricians are required to complete 4,000 hours of on-the-job experience, along with completing thorough testing. They can work on complex or large-scale residential and commercial electrical needs.

Top five electrical specialists

Any type of certified electrician can choose to specialize in a specific background. Depending on your project, you’ll need to hire one of the following common types of electrical specialists.

Residential: Residential electrical specialists work on any type of home project. From repairing a circuit breaker to installing new lighting, hire a residential electrician to perform minor or major updates to your home.

Commercial: A commercial electrician works on similar projects as a residential electrician, just in a commercial or business setting. They typically help install, repair, or perform maintenance on commercial buildings.

Industrial: Industrial electricians are commonly found in settings like power plants, factories, or other industrial facilities. Their work requires in-depth knowledge of complex, large-scale systems.

Installation: These electrical specialists have full knowledge of electrical systems and how to install them. They typically work on new home builds, setting up security, lighting, and connection to the electrical grid.

Maintenance: Maintenance electricians are often employed by landlords or property owners. They perform basic diagnostic tests to determine repair and maintenance needs. Maintenance electricians are also skilled at troubleshooting electrical issues in any industrial, commercial, or residential setting.

If you’re still unsure which electrician is right for you, contact ARK Electric for professional Denver electrical services.

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